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Our customers are stylists. They might prefer to be called cosmetologists, beauticians, hairdressers or any number of other titles but all of them have had to go to school to learn their job. Stylists are often stereotyped and it isn’t always warranted.

Scientifically Formulated
CMC Repair & Protection
Molecular Hydration

What Is This?

IUVENI (you- vehn-ee) is the patent pending process that allows stylists to change texture and color in the same appointment while repairing damage. We can do this because of a new understanding of the structure of hair. Researchers discovered a new structure called the cell membrane complex, the CMC. This is the protection, glue and healing balm of all living cells. With this new understanding of the layers in hair, repairing damage takes on a whole new meaning. We are changing what was previously impossible into possible and beautiful!

About Flexile Classic

How Does LLQ

(Lipid Layer Quencher) Work?

The natural building blocks of the CMC are free fatty acids, found in all living cells, from giant sequoias to tiny amoebas. The layer protects the fragile cell from chemical and environmental damage, even from harmful UV. The individual molecules bond together through a series of chemical interactions that create a protective blanket. This blanket is destroyed by harsh chemicals like color, straighteners and even daily shampoos. Based on the new understanding of the cell membrane complex, CMC, IUVENI can now quench (stop) the harmful reactions and then rebuilds the protective layer by using the very same molecules that were destroyed. IUVENI extracts these molecules from natural sources, like sunflowers.

Beautiful, like nature

About Flexile Classic

How Does The Iuveni Kit Work?

The two biggest changes we can make to our hair are color and texture. Traditionally these were done separately due to the extreme damage that the combination would cause. Our researchers discovered that these two processes can be combined with less damage and in less time than both would take separately. IUVENI merged this technology with the LLQ allowing stylists to give their clients new texture, new color and the strength and beauty of natural hair.

About Flexile Classic

What Do The People Say?

Both salons and their clients are loving what Iuveni products have done for the clients’ hair!
As a hairstylist, I typically lighten (bleach) my own hair because I can do it in a pinch.  And because I cannot see the back of my head I have my children help me or I just take a guess at where the bleach line starts from the previous time.  Of course there is overlap every time and my hair has definitely paid the price.
I typically cannot comb or pick it when it’s wet or the breakage is very significant.  When it’s dry, I try not to use too much heat styling for the same reason.
I have used many different products from multiple hair lines to help fix the damage I have caused, and absolutely NOTHING has helped my hair like Iuveni LLQ.
The first time I used it, I couldn’t believe how smooth and tangle free my hair was. Not only that, my hair felt absolutely better than normal again, like I had never ever bleached it, only better.  Way better!!!
And, since using it for over 2 months now my hair is no longer breaking off, I lose very little hair daily, and my hair now feels so much thicker and healthier. I can comb it when wet with no problem at all.
Iuveni LLQ is a miracle in a bottle, no joke!!!
It says it repairs your hair and it does!!!!
Becky A

This product worked wonders! I didn’t think I could ever get that nice healthy hair feeling after how many times I’ve bleached and dyed my hair and all that heat damage. This product did an outstanding job and made my hair feel thicker almost as if I had extensions in, it brought back the soft feeling of virgin hair and now makes me more comfortable with continuing to dye my hair and knowing it won’t ruin it.

Erika S
2 Step Process

After my mom bleached my hair it felt dry, kind of like straw. But once she put in the Quencher, it felt like my hair was new, repaired, silky and soft. I would recommend using this to help your hair be healthier and not break so easy.

Maycee A (Age 12)
2 Step Process
Iuveni is a game changer!
I’ve been a stylist and cosmetology instructor for over a decade. When I heard all the promises of this system I thought it sounded a little too good to be true. Then Camie showed me all the scientific evidence and research and my mind was blown!

I had to get my hands on it and try it for myself!

After using the entire system to do a perm and color, I was even more impressed!

This client had done a number of previous processes on her hair and in any other circumstance I would have suggested a different non chemical service to start her hair on a healing journey.

I put my trust in Camie and we moved forward with the perm and color. Her hair felt better and stronger after using Iuveni than it did before we started.

It works. It’s absolutely incredible! One thing I love the most is that Iuveni isn’t asking you to blindly trust the system and try it out.

They will show you all the research and evidence to back up their product.
You won’t regret integrating this product into your salon!
Kelsey B

I am completely satisfied with how my hair looks and feels. The curl is much better than I thought it would be. I love getting two services in one setting.

Cheryl C
3 Step Process Curl Client

I don’t like how keratin treatments don’t last long enough. This made my hair look amazing shiny and straight. The coverage on gray was amazing and took less time than other products. I love how my hair is soft, not damaged, and doesn’t stink.

Patricia N
3 Step Process Curl Client

At first I was afraid I would look like a poodle but I look far from that! 

I love the way my hair feels softer and looks amazing! Heather is awesome! 

Janae W
3 Step Process Curl Client

This exceeded my expectations! I would absolutely get this done again. My hair feels fuller and stronger than before having the iuveni process.

Pam E
3 Step Process Curl Client

At first I was scared my hair would break. After the service was done my hair felt very soft and shiny. There was no gray and great curl. I liked that I could get them both done in the same process.

Victoria S
3 Step Process Curl Client

My hair feels lighter, softer, and healthier after a perm and color.

Selina C
3 Step Process Curl Client

What Is The Science?

Harsh bases are in all permanent changes in hair. This is because we are introducing new, external molecules into a previously untouched system. In order for these new molecules to enter the hair, we have to create holes or pores in the hairs protective layer. Each time new holes are created the integrity of the hair was weakened. Previously we thought that it was due to the damage of keratin, the backbone of hair. New research shows that the cell membrane complex acts as a natural cohesion component. This cohesiveness binds the cuticle layers together, the cuticle to the cortex and the cortex fibers together.. When the CMC is degraded the cuticle degrades allowing the superstructure of the hair to slowly degrade away. An intact CMC means hair is soft and strong, smooth and shiny, resilient and healthy – everything we associate with beautiful hair.

The CMC is an incredibly common structure, so common it is often overlooked. Researchers knew for decades that free fatty acids were in hair without an understanding of what their purpose was. Free fatty acids are the main component of the protective CMC. In order for the free fatty acids to be replaced, they must be introduced at exactly the right time and in a high enough quantity to replace the previously damaged ones.Free fatty acids have unique chemical properties that make them perfectly suited to cohesion and protection. One half of the molecule will repel water while the other half attracts it. This bipolar nature means that they will naturally form a protective blanket under the right conditions. When given the right conditions the hair can and will rebuild the CMC, repairing damage that was previously unthinkable. 

IUVENI researchers perfected the timing of this reaction and the free fatty acids necessary to rebuild the CMC. Combining this with a natural quencher to remove harsh chemicals, we offer the first and only product designed to repair the natural protective layer of hair.

About Flexile Classic

Where Can I Get This?

IUVENI is the only product to give professionals the edge. It’s exclusive, patented formula is the #1 choice of stylists around world who want to get real results. IUVENI is sold exclusively in professional salons only.

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