As a hairstylist, I typically lighten (bleach) my own hair because I can do it in a pinch.  And because I cannot see the back of my head I have my children help me or I just take a guess at where the bleach line starts from the previous time.  Of course there is overlap every time and my hair has definitely paid the price.
I typically cannot comb or pick it when it’s wet or the breakage is very significant.  When it’s dry, I try not to use too much heat styling for the same reason.
I have used many different products from multiple hair lines to help fix the damage I have caused, and absolutely NOTHING has helped my hair like Iuveni LLQ.
The first time I used it, I couldn’t believe how smooth and tangle free my hair was. Not only that, my hair felt absolutely better than normal again, like I had never ever bleached it, only better.  Way better!!!
And, since using it for over 2 months now my hair is no longer breaking off, I lose very little hair daily, and my hair now feels so much thicker and healthier. I can comb it when wet with no problem at all.
Iuveni LLQ is a miracle in a bottle, no joke!!!
It says it repairs your hair and it does!!!!