Erika S

This product worked wonders! I didn’t think I could ever get that nice healthy hair feeling after how many times I’ve bleached and dyed my hair and all that heat damage. This product did an outstanding job and made my hair feel thicker almost as if I had...

Maycee A

After my mom bleached my hair it felt dry, kind of like straw. But once she put in the Quencher, it felt like my hair was new, repaired, silky and soft. I would recommend using this to help your hair be healthier and not break so easy.

Cheryl C

I am completely satisfied with how my hair looks and feels. The curl is much better than I thought it would be. I love getting two services in one setting.

Patricia N

I don’t like how keratin treatments don’t last long enough. This made my hair look amazing shiny and straight. The coverage on gray was amazing and took less time than other products. I love how my hair is soft, not damaged, and doesn’t stink.

Janae W

At first I was afraid I would look like a poodle but I look far from that!  I love the way my hair feels softer and looks amazing! Heather is awesome!